Tuesday, September 16th, Palpation


This past Tuesday, we had our first palpation of the semester! We had a great group of students eager to get their hands in the cows (many of them for the first time)! First, we examined intact uteruses of cows on the table to get an idea of what we are feeling inside the cow. After about a half hour of going over those, we headed out to the cows. Although our arms did start to fall asleep when palpating and it felt like a lot of mush, we all had a great time and managed to get a feel of what we had been examining in the classroom! To check out pictures of the palpation, head over to our photos page where new pictures will hopefully be added after each time!

We are looking forward to the next palpation with some new people, as well as people who already went this first time! Remember to regularly check our calendar for palpation meetings and times and sign up whenever you are available to go so you don’t miss any opportunities to get your arm in a cow! And, if you aren’t a member of the palpation team yet, it’s never too late to join and have a great time!


Reminder: Calf Watch Meeting Tonight!

Just a reminder, the orientation for Calf Watch is tonight! Monday, November 18 at 6:15 pm in the Vaupel room. Dr. Neuder and Dr. Koenig will go over their expectations for calf watch participants and share their expertise on calving emergencies. Attending orientation is MANDATORY for anyone who wants to participate. Hope to see you there!

Documents associated with calf watch can be found here.

Palpation Team Meeting

The next Palpation Team meeting is Wednesday, October 16 Bull Testat 5:15 pm in A174. Dr. Grooms will be talking about Breeding Soundness Exams. If you haven’t paid your Palpation Team dues (only $5 for Therio Club members!) this would be a great time to do so. For upcoming meetings, see our calendar.

Palpation Team

Cow PalpationThanks to everyone who attended our first meeting! If you missed Carrie’s Palpation Team overview, here is the information:

MSU Palpation Team is a group of students that are interested in learning more about therio, reproduction, and palpation.  It is a chance to learn about repro topics more in-depth, as well as reinforce information presented in classes.  It is also an opportunity to develop your palpation skills, which can be vital for any large animal enthusiast.  4 students, plus an alternate, will be chosen in the spring to represent MSU at the SAVMA Symposium at Colorado State!  There is a written test, and then the top scorers proceed to two lab practical competitions.  MSU has ROCKED this competition in the past, so we’d like to keep our reputation high!

Dues for Palpation Team are $5 for Therio Club members, $10 for Non-Therio Club members, payable to Carrie Szybisty at the first Palpation Team event that you attend.

First Palpation Team Meeting: 9/24 – A-213 (Cafeteria) – 5:15-6:15pm:                    Intro Meeting with Last Year’s Palpation Members, Bovine Anatomy Overview

Future Palpation Team events can be found on the Calendar page.

First Meeting

Our first meeting will be Monday, September 9 at Noon in the Cafeteria (A-213). Dr. Carleton will be presenting and we will introduce our officers and Palpation Team. Subway lunch will be provided to the first 50 people to RSVP. The link will be on the SCAVMA calendar, where we will post all of our events:


Please stop by and hear what we’re all about, hope to see you there!

Welcome Class of 2017!

Congratulations on being accepted to the MSU CVM! We’re looking forward to meeting all of you soon. If you are interested in animal husbandry, artificial insemination, genetics, pregnancy detection, or cute baby animals you’ve come to the right place! If you have any questions about Theriogenology or vet school in general, please feel free to contact our officers. Stay tuned for information about our welcome back meeting at the start of the semester!

Events, Calendar, Photos, Angel, Palpation Team, and More!

Feel free to take a look at the calendar as events are being posted! Emails will be coming out before the event to RSVP. Here is a list of what Therio Club has planned:


  • Heat Detection Lunch (tentative)
  • AI Lunch and Wetlab (22nd-23rd)


  • Bovine Dystocia Brown Bag with Dr. Ames (11th)
  • Trip to Potter Park Zoo with ZEW Club (16th)
  • Bovine Venereal Diseases Brown Bag with Dr. Grooms (25th)
  • Lambing Trip Panel (tentative)


  • Lambing Trip Training (tentative)
  • Farrowing Trip (tentative)
  • Canine Therio with Dr. Threlfall (12th)
  • Equine Therio Lecture and Wet Lab with Dr. Threlfall (13th)
  • Neonatal Foals Brown Bag with Dr. Carleton (15th)

Take a look at last week’s photos from the Dairy Ultrasound Wet Lab!

Theriogenology Club members get access to our Angel page. Palpation Team members can access Angel for learning material and powerpoints from our Thursday meetings.

For your information, the SFT Conference will be August 7-10th in Louisville, KY.

Upcoming Events!

This Friday, November 30th, there will be a palpation team informational meeting in A213 at 3:30 pm. Please come and learn about this upcoming opportunity!

On December 6th at noon in G150, Dr. Madonna Gemes-Benjamin, the CVM’s new swine extension veterinarian, will be speaking about Swine Theriogenology.

Tentative Spring Events Include:

  • Dairy Ultrasound Wet Lab
  • Heat Detection Lunch Meeting
  • Dairy AI Wet Lab Round 2
  • Potter Park Zoo Trip to see what breeding efforts the zoo is working on
  • Equine Theriogenology
  • Lambing Trip Panel (and then the trip itself!)
  • Swine Farrowing
  • Brown Bag Lunch Opportunities!

You can always become a member by signing up online via the Join tab or by filling out a membership form located on the Therio Club Board. Dues are $8 for Spring Semester!